Pests love Australia! Did you know that the Great Southern Land is home to some 300 000 species of insects, but that only around 160 000 are known? The total biodiversity of OZ is claimed by some to be 75% unknown, in terms of species of all animals. There are literally trillions of bugs and unfamiliar creepy crawlies out there, outside the door to your home in the backyard and in the bush nearby. Wherever you are in this wide, brown continent you are close to nature in all its incredible diversity. Not just insects, there are snakes, rats, mice and bats to consider.

Pest Control Penrith

Western Sydney is alive with wildlife and flora and fauna, some appreciated by many and some not so. Deadly spiders are not appreciated around the home. Cockroaches in all their very many varieties are not big favourites with most householders in Penrith and surrounding suburbs. At Best Pests Control we are dedicated to killing the bugs that people don’t want near their kids or loved ones, generally. Filthy rats and mice can nibble on all sorts of things at night. Pantries become wastelands and infected areas for the spread of diseases and parasites.

When you want your house or apartment in Penrith cleaned of all these disgusting dirty insects and pests there is one name you can trust to get the job done safely and fast. Best Pests Control have years of experience in wiping out nests of unwanted pests quickly. Viktor Slayovitch, founded the company on the principle of killing the bad pests without hurting pets and the health of any humans. They only use environmentally friendly toxins and they have rigorous safety protocols for their staff and customers.  Best Pests Control have been cleaning up Penrith and the areas around it for many years now.

Special gels are used to control cockroach nests and wipe them out. High tech innovative pest control that does not cost the earth. Competitively priced, quick and very clean. Keeping the bugs out of your home is their job. Eliminating the unwanted dangerous pests from your life is their mission. Don’t put up with pests that make you feel yukky inside, get them dead fast. Call for a free quote from your Best Pests Control representative in Penrith today. What have you got to lose, but your pests. For professional pest control with a green awareness call the company that cares about Western Sydney.