In the hot conditions out in the western suburbs of Sydney there are plenty of pests to control; and we are not talking about the male population LOL. Although, some of them could do with a large dose of poison. No, we are talking about cockroaches, rats, ants, and big hairy spiders. There is nothing worse than coming face to face with a bloody big funnel web or millipede, when you least expect it. No, you want peace of mind, and that peace of mind comes with all guns blazing to root out the nests and remove the arachnophobia from your life.

Pest Control Western Suburbs

The giant flying Asian cockroaches, the ones that Pauline Hanson is always going on about, are big brown bombers intent on rattling the flywire in your house or apartment. At Best Pests Control we eradicate the problem fast. We fumigate furiously for the betterment of mankind. We help protect your family from pests all year round. We are competitively priced and proficient at what we do. Our operatives are quick and efficient and always clean up scrupulously after a kill session. We leave long lasting poisons to keep on killing things long after we have packed up and gone home; including monster rats.

At Best Pests Control we offer biological pest control, mechanical pest control, physical pest control and alternative pest control. Biological pest control involves mucking around with the reproductivity ability of the pests; it is chemical warfare at its most chillingly efficient, as those bugs won’t be having any babies any time soon. Mechanical pest control is where we install large killing machines that attract and destroy insects by the thousands. These technological marvels were developed by Sadam Hussein in his wars with Iran and the Kurds. Physical pest control is as it sounds with our guys squashing the brains out of bucket loads of creepy crawlies. Stamping on mice, crushing cockies and squishing every bug they can lay their eyes on.

Alternative pest control is our green service, where we limit the use of highly dangerous toxins in your family home. It also comes with an aromatherapy treatment, guaranteed to have your home smelling sweet and nice. Pest control is about protecting your loved ones from things that scuttle around in the dark. Dirty rotten bugs that want to hurt the wellbeing of your nearest and dearest. Best Pests Control can keep you safe from the constant threat of terrorist insects in the home and at your place of work. Call today for a free quote!